Obama upset about disarming America

Barrack Obama has expressed his utter disappointment that he has NOT been able to disarm a major portion of the American population as president. Even though Obama has proven himself to be a pathologically lying, deceitful, anti-American, anti-Semite, Communist, Law breaking, Muslim loving TRAITOR to America, he is too delusional to understand what he is up against. Obama has tried shorting American gun owners of ammunition of ALL calibers. by having NON-law enforcement government agencies placing orders for ridiculously huge quantities of product! Obama has stirred up racial hatred in this country to a level rarely ( if ever) America, hoping to start a major civil unrest situation whereby he could impose Marshall Law. It would give him "legal" cover to confiscate American firearms, or so he believes. Obama has trampled on the Second Amendment rights of our veterans by claiming that our warriors are too infected with PTSD to handle weapons in civilian life. Let's see, highly trained in the use of firearms of all kinds, placed in active combat zones, order to KILL our enemies, but they can't handle civilian lie??? 

We all know that that is NOT the reason Obama is attempting to disarm veterans...he is doing it to protect himself and his radical progressive (Communist) agenda from retribution by the people he wants to enslave...AMERICANS. Nest Obama's target are the population that is on Social Security Disability. The understanding being that only "those who cannot handle their own financial affairs" will be affected and NOT allowed to possess firearms??

Obama is also preparing the military for civil insurrection brought on by his tyrannical misuse of his office specifically and the federal government in general. It is alleged that Obama is replacing competent experienced military officers who believe in our Constitution and the rights of Americans, with political hacks that owe their loyalty ONLY to him! Shades of Adolf Hitler and his SS. Look how well that turned out!! 

The really sad part of Obama's "makeover of America" has been allowed to happen in almost total secrecy, or the cover of deception, by our so called "free press". Anytime the veil of Obama's secrecy is penetrated there is a full on offensive to ridicule the truth and those that expose it by that same "Main Stream Media". A hundred plus years of the progressive dismantling of the greatest experiment is liberty is finally coming to fruition under this regime. Who do we have to blame for this current situation?...ourselves. We have allowed the progressives to undermine our religious, and moral foundation in this country through their lies, their deception, and massive propaganda campaign to convince Americans that the government IS God and it is all we need to be taken care of. Lull the eagle to sleep...then kill it!

God, Himself blessed this country from its' very beginning,giving everyone who was born here, or came here legally the chance for an equal opportunity to make themselves successful. Achieving the pinnacle of wealth and prosperity was the American dream, but no longer. People who have achieved that success legally and morally are now deemed as "evil" , greedy blood suckers who stole their wealth from the poor(???) We allowed the progressives to steal our moral compass to the point that we have regulated God, our protector, our sustainer, our prosperity and our salvation to the trash heap of America. 

We kill our children of ALL races and colors by the tens of millions. We now find out that they are more useful as human parts supplies that actual living human beings? Where is the national outrage? Finally Obama, pelosi, Reid, and ALL of the progressives and their movement have stolen America's soul. They have dumbed us down through "government indoctrination" disguised as public education. They have lowered our standard of living to the point that almost 50 MILLION Americans are now dependent on the government for food, transportation, and shelter. We neither protect publically, nor do we take action to change it. Our fathers, grandfathers, and founders would NEVER have stood silently while this happened. May God have mercy on us all and forgive us our national sins.


Kind regards

Michael J. Nellett